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To obtain your Fiscal Number or NIF simply attach the following information and we will do the rest. You will receive your NIF usually within 5 working days. Our fee is €110+VAT = €135.30 per person.

    1. Passport copy
    2. Proof of address in the country of permanent residence (any utility bill or official letter addressed to you)
    3. Proof of payment. Payment details below:
      IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4526 9627 4310 5
      Reference: SURNAME – NIF REQUEST

Once we receive the above information, we will send you a document to sign and return so that we can process the request on your behalf.

This fee also includes fiscal representation for non-EU residents for the year of application. Fiscal representation fees for subsequent years will depend on your particular situation.

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      Any utility bill or official letter addressed to you.
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        EuroFinesco consistently leads in interpreting Portuguese fiscal legislation for the Expatriate community. Our multilingual staff are ready to help.

        • “IRS” – Individual Income Tax
        • “IRC” – Corporate Income Tax for small trading companies and the self-employed
        • Fiscal Residency

        • Bilateral Tax Treaties
        • Compliance Issues

        • The Portuguese tax system offers surprising opportunities to the foreign resident. Portugal may prove to be a “tax-haven within Europe” for you.

        • As Buyer, Owner or Seller
        • Capital Gains Tax “Check-Up”

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO eBooks.

        Fiscal Representation in Portugal is designed to ensure that all tax commitments are met in full. Whether helping you to get off to a good start, keeping you informed about important changes or saving you money in the long run, our comprehensive services add real value to your investment. With euroFINESCO on your side, you can count on the following services:

        If basic requirements go unmet, your asset could be at serious risk. Having a qualified professional Fiscal Representative is a prerequisite, not an add-on.

        We will make sure you are fully compliant while helping you to pay the legal minimum.

        Our library of publications relating to Portuguese Taxation and Property can provide you with answers to your questions.

        We have a proven track record supporting our clients interests.

        As a full spectrum service company, we have a dedicated Fiscal Representation Department, which specialises in meeting your needs.

        Through deposits to your personal client account, we can pay Taxes and Income Tax Demands on time at no extra charge, avoiding added costs and complications.

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications.

        While Portuguese taxes have recently increased on many forms of income, euroFINESCO has unlocked a fully compliant strategy that can dramatically reduce tax assessment on short-term lets to holidaymakers.

        Letting to Holidaymakers

        Historically, Non-Residents reported rental income both in Portugal as well as in their home jurisdiction. Up until now, double taxation was eliminated via international credits for tax paid in Portugal. This extra rental income often “top-sliced”, increasing income tax and reducing profits.

        For those engaged in short-term tourist lets, our Local Lodging Plan allows you to reduce substantially your income tax assessment. Local Lodging allows you to operate on a Commercial Basis, with many associated benefits, rather than a long-term Rental Basis. Under current legislation, only 35% of your Local Lodging invoicing is subject to taxation. This should equate to an effective tax rate of 8,75% on gross income versus the existing 28% rate for long-term rental income for Non-Residents.

        Equally important, according to Double Taxation Treaties throughout the EU, there is no further assessment on this income in your home jurisdiction as these business profits are solely taxable in Portugal. Therefore, you are safeguarded against being taxed on any balance due above and beyond what you pay in Portugal.

        While there are a number of choices that can prove to be truly viable solutions, only one option disappears in the end: “do nothing”. If you fail to choose and take no action, it may well be an Inspector who makes the choice for you. Besides the threat of inspections and fines, there are serious civil liability questions to contend with in addition to eventual tax evasion enquiries.

        Given the lenient compliance requirements, it hardly seems worth the risk. Compliance is the order of the day. Although a nuisance, the options are surprisingly favourable in the long run and will allow both you and Portugal to create a win-win solution for all concerned.

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications.

        The Golden Visa Residence Programme is a simple, fast-track residence permit program designed to attract foreign investment into Portugal. The governing regulations for the Programme were published on 28 January 2013. As a result of the interest shown by foreign investors in this Programme, the Portuguese government amended the original rules to simplify the terms and conditions to obtain this type of residence permit.


        The Programme is only available to non-EU citizens who make qualifying investments in Portugal for at least five years. These investments may be made directly or through a company but must meet one of the following requirements:

        • Purchase of any type of real estate costing at least €500.000 (Co-ownership allowed)
        • Capital transfer of at least €1,000,000 to be invested in any type of business or company
        • Creation of at least 10 permanent jobs

        The investment activity must be maintained for a minimum period of five years after the residence permit is granted.

        Other Conditions

        The Permit is first issued for one year and subsequently renewed for successive periods of two years, provided that the requirements of the investment activity as well as the following minimum periods of stay in Portugal are maintained:

        • 7 days during the first year;
        • 14 days in the following two-year periods.

        Like other Portuguese residence permits, a Golden Visa Residence Permit enables its holder to travel freely in the EU Schengen Area. The bearer of the Permit may apply for family reunification, and may gain access to a permanent residence permit as well as to Portuguese citizenship, in accordance with the legal provisions.

        Individuals who have been convicted of a crime are not eligible to make application.

        The decision to grant a Golden Visa Residence Permit must be taken by the competent authorities within 60 days after the submission of the application, which must include evidence that the financial or real estate investment has already been completed.

        Since January until August 2013, SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) approved 145 Golden residence Permits attracting €90,000,000 in new investments to Portugal. Russia, China and Angola are the top three countries of origin that also include Brasil, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Colombia, Tunisia, USA, Ukraine, Turkey and Guinea-Bissau.

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications. brochure S48.

        Nominee Companies have existed in Portuguese Law since the 19th century and have been embraced in legislative reforms over the years. They are fully compliant and are not subject to the harsh laws that have made Offshore Property Companies a pariah: no deemed income tax, no 5% Punitive Rates bill.

        The sale of the shares is normally exempt from “IMT” (Property Transfer Tax). Buyers can save thousands of euros, making Nominee Company acquisition more attractive than direct purchase.

        Capital Gains Tax on the sale of a assets out of a Nominee Company is only 21%, as compared to 25% for non-resident companies.

        When the Company is eventually sold, only a simple deed of sale is required. The property remains securely within the company with nothing to trigger the bureaucratic problems of property transfers.

        When a non-resident company moves to Portugal, there is normally no taxation. This is because it is the Company Headquarters that moves, not the property, avoiding any transfer of assets.

        In the redomiciliation process, there is usually a significant uplift in the basis for eventual CGT assessment. A major tax problem can be transformed into a manageable inconvenience.

        There are two forms of nominee companies. While they share many of the same benefits, they differ on several aspects that make them adaptable to your needs and requirements.

        Unlike direct ownership where expenses can no longer be offset against Capital Gains after five years, any capital invested into your Nominee Company is always reflected in the Company value.


        At euroFinesco, we recognise that each Portuguese Property Holding Company owner has individual requirements; no two situations are identical. As Company Administrators, our basic services include:

        • Resourcing accurate and current information in Portugal to Beneficial Owners regarding Company obligations as well as relevant legislation;
        • Clarification of pertinent procedures and interpretations with Finanças;
        • Communications liaison between Finanças and the Property Company;
        • Reporting to Beneficial Owners regarding Company status in Portugal;
        • Acting as Administration: qualified & prepared to meet compulsory company compliance commitments;

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications.

        If you are a foreign resident, have a spouse of a different nationality or children who reside abroad, have worldwide sources of income or assets in another jurisdiction, International Estate Planning may be essential to avoid unforeseen harsh tax consequences.

        There is no internationally accepted system for determining property and succession rights, or what taxes will be payable when more than one country is involved. An expatriate must refer to each country’s legislation to identify what consequences might lie in store and what potential conflicts may exist.

        It is important for expatriates to determine the applicability of relevant foreign rules and the designation of the appropriate legal regime, particularly in matters of determining Domicile.

        Expatriates face particular problems because the legal systems of two or more countries could possibly regulate what will happen to the estate. Wills avoid considerable complications of an estate being subject to various different intestacy regimes.

        Because Portuguese Inheritance Tax has been abolished between immediate family members, Portugal may prove to be a valuable “ally” in your International Estate Planning. At euroFINESCO we can help you define an on-going strategy by providing you with:

        • Analysis
        • Evaluation
        • Implementation

        In the redomiciliation process, there is usually a significant uplift in the basis for eventual CGT assessment. A major tax problem can be transformed into a manageable inconvenience.

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications.

        Our services for our clients personalised documentation planning include assistance with all the correct papers for residing in Portugal.

        Any person residing in Portugal for more than 183 days in any one calendar year is deemed to be resident. Just because there is now free movement of money, people and possessions within the EU does not mean that you are not required to have a Residency Permit to be compliant in Portugal.

        In addition to “Residências”, we can assist you with:

        • Registration of Portuguese Wills
        • Rates Exemptions
        • Fiscal Numbers

        For more information, please consult our euroFINESCO publications.