Viver em Portugal

1. Qual é a sua situação financeira?
2. O que pretende e como quer atingir os seus objectivos?

Providenciamos um conjunto abrangente de serviços para o seu planeamento financeiro, aconselhando-o tanto na sua declaração anual de rendimentos, como na aposentação, gestão de património e de investimentos.

Orgulhamo-nos da imparcialidade das nossas recomendações e da prestação do serviço personalisado.

Latest News

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Tax authorities simplify IRS payments IRS in instalmentsWith the Tax and Customs Authority (“AT”) asking taxpayers to remain at home by using digital channels, the process for IRS payments in instalments has been simplified. If you have...Read more
Lisbon Airport has reached 50% of air traffic in August as compared to 2019During this month of August, at least half of the number of flights registered at Lisbon Airport has resumed according to the data from ANA - Airports. Air traffic has...Read more
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EU Blacklist: addressing external fiscal challengesThe list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes is a tool to tackle: Tax fraud or evasion; Illegal non-payment or underpayment of obligations; Use of legal means to minimise tax liabilities and money...Read more
“AL” occupancy in Lisbon plummets to 5%The impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Local Lodging Accommodation (“AL”) market is devastating. In May, average occupancy rates reached only 5% in Lisbon and 3% in Porto,  worsening...Read more

Please rest assured that whilst our offices are closed during  lockdown, Eurofinesco remains fully operational and accessible to all of our clients!


Owing to COVID-19, Eurofinesco has implemented risk mitigation measures which will result in the majority of our staff working remotely by secure systems. Whilst we are endeavouring to meet our existing service standards there may be instances where we exceed these, and we ask that you bear with us if you should experience delays.

Contacting Us and General Enquiries: During this time, our preferred method of communication is email.  If you do not have a specific contact email, or it is not related to the above, please send your query to info@eurofinesco.com.  However, our phone system will continue to operate, and we ask that this is used as a last resort to lower the impact on the system.

IRS: Filing season for 2019 has finished; if you need to contact someone from the team, or indeed wish to send some information, you can send your enquiry to irsadmin@eurofinesco.com  

Sole Trader/LLP:  Deadlines for the retention of IRS, social security and IVA have been extended, with further support measures available for certain sole traders through the Portuguese social security system for residents.  If you wish to know more, please contact the team on soletrader@eurofinesco.com


We will do our utmost to respond to all queries in line with our service standards.


Thank you for bearing with us; keep safe and keep well!