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Golden Visas: Lisbon defiantWhile the European Commission (EC) defends the end of "Golden Visas", Portugal contends that the programme will go on. In recent years, the scheme has served as a gateway for...Read more
EU rejects “flawed” blacklistEuropean Union member states unanimously rejected a proposal to include Saudi Arabia and four US territories among countries blacklisted for lax controls on terrorism financing and money laundering. As reported...Read more

The Government has created an innovative solution, which it calls the Right to Lifetime Housing, which allows families to live in a property all their lives, without actually buying it. The plan begins with the payment of a deposit (a kind of down payment), which is held by the owner. In this scheme, the resident (who cannot be called a “tenant”) pays a monthly instalment (which cannot be referred to as “rent”). The owner receives the monthly income and "consumes" a portion of the initial deposit. In this model, without formally selling the property, the property rights remain limited, since only the resident can suspend the contract and vacate the dwelling.