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IRS Tax Forms - disabled at this time

This space is a convenient way for you to let us have the details we need to complete your tax declaration. Via simple questionnaires, you can easily provide us with all relevant information regarding your income and expenses. Once this data enters our system and we received the relevant documents from you, we can provide you with a simulation, estimating the tax due. This will give you the opportunity to make queries before the eventual electronic submission to the Tax Office.  


Please follow the instructions from our office, and use the relevant forms below. Some of them need to be filled out per person, others can be used for the whole household.  


Form A   - Employment
Form B1 - Self-Employed Form 1 - Medical Expenses
Form H1 - UK Pensions Form 2 - Insurance Premiums
Form H2 - EU Pensions Form 3 - Donations to Charity
Form D   - Investment Income Form 4 - Education Expenses
Form F   - Long Term Rent Income Form 5 - Nursing Home Costs
Form B2 - Local Lodging Income

Form 6 - Alimony Payments

Form G  - Capital Gains Income  Form 7 - Housing Expenses