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Latest News

Potential minimum tax on pensions under NHRGovernment is studying a basic levy to Non-Habitual Resident pensions with possible introduction in the 2018 State Budget. According to the Jornal de Negócios, the step under consideration is applying...Read more
Residents in offshore tax havens exempt from “AIMI”Individuals who reside in tax havens and own residential property in Portugal are free from paying the 7.5% surcharge applied to the new Additional Municipal Property Tax (“AIMI”). Only companies...Read more
Golden Visa investments up 15% since JanuaryIn July, Portugal issued 98 Golden Visas, of which 96 were for real estate purchase and two meeting the capital transfer requirement. Since the creation of the programme, SEF (Immigration...Read more
EU Agrees Criteria For Tax Haven BlacklistThe European Council resolved that a common EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions will be determined by the Council by the end of 2017. To be considered compliant on tax transparency...Read more
Brexit leads to decline in British holidaymakersThe 15% drop in the Pound after the UK decided to leave the European Union is contributing to a significant reduction in British visitors to the Algarve. In July alone...Read more
Brexit not stopping British from property purchases in the AlgarveUK nationals continued to invest heavily in residential real estate in Portugal in 2016. Brits made up the largest group of foreign investors with a 31% share of transactions carried...Read more
ApostilleWhen making application for permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal, foreign documents will need authentication. This certification is accomplished via an “Apostille” which is an international confirmation comparable to notarisation...Read more
Portuguese Nationality Law amendedThe Portuguese Nationality Law has been revised to simplify the implementation procedures. The main amendments to the statutes are: opening attribution of Portuguese nationality to grandchildren of Portuguese living abroad;...Read more
IMI to be payable in one instalment in 2018There are currently 1.6 million homeowners who pay their municipal property tax (IMI) in two or three instalments, waiting until the months of July and November to settle their accounts...Read more

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