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Information Sharing: “AT” examining one million unreported offshore accountsUndeclared investments held abroad at the end of 2016 are  being analysed by the Portuguese Tax Authority (“AT”). Although files may sometimes be bulky and not always compatible with internal...Read more
Government weighs limiting Golden VisasThe government is studying further changes to the Golden Visa rules to help counteract the excessive weight that real estate investment plays in the programme. Inflated housing prices associated with...Read more
The super rich of PortugalPortugal has 930 taxpayers with high income (>€5m) and wealth (>€25m). In 2017, the tax authorities (“AT”) could detect only 309 of these high net worth individuals who accounted for...Read more
High-value business activities given streamlined applicationForeign residents applying for Non-Habitual Resident status with high-value-added business activities (“VTA”) may now receive prompt approval for a flat-rate tax of 20% on earned income in income categories A...Read more
Consequences of hiding assets or income from the tax authorities (“AT”)As a rule, intentional omissions or inaccuracies in fiscal declarations or other tax relevant documents are punishable by a fine of between €375 and €22,500 for individuals or €750 and...Read more
90,000 citizenship applications in the first six months of 2019Portugal received 90,274 nationality requests in the first half of 2019, based on data provided by the Ministry of Justice, an increase of 86,826 as compared to the previous year...Read more
Brexit: additional Portuguese contingency measuresThe Council of Ministers has approved a diploma establishing a transition period for UK nationals to register for Residency Permits in Portugal in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Rather...Read more
Affordable Leasing Programme: an initial reviewWith the launch of the Affordable Leasing Programme (“Programa de Arrendamento Acessível”) in mid-2019, the housing indicative intends to streamline the long‑term rental market by increasing the supply of homes...Read more
Wealthy foreigners choosing the AlentejoMany French, English and Americans are looking to settle far from the mainstream. For these affluent migrants, the Alentejo is the new eldorado. As a small, diverse country, numerous factors...Read more

In 2019, 50,000 foreign students have officially registered in universities and polytechnic institutes in Portugal. Over the past four years, the number of international students has increased by 48%, as a result of the validation of the international student status in 2014 along with the growth Study and Research Programmes available in Portugal. Currently, foreign nationals represent 13% of all students in Portuguese higher education. This increase contribute in foreign enrolment contributes to the rental housing pressures through out the country.