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Portugal has lost 2,800 ATMs in 6 yearsAt the end of 2017, Portugal had 14,500 ATM's, less 2,800 than in 2011. Of these 14,500 ATM branches, only 11,823 belonged to the national SIBS network. As private ATM...Read more
Madeira tax revenues jump 6.1%Between January and April, Madeira recorded an increase in fiscal revenues of 6.1%, both in direct and indirect taxes. During the first four months of 2018, income rose to €237,100,000...Read more
Foreign residents double in 2 decadesThere are currently more than 420,000 registered foreigners residing in Portugal. Until 2000, the international population in Portugal never exceeded 2% of the total resident population. By 2017, the number...Read more
Foreign investment from Golden Visas up 34.6% in JuneGolden Visa investment rose 34.6% in June over the previous12 months to 52.8 million euros, but fell 18.8% in the first half of 2018, according to statistics from the Immigration...Read more
Brussels to investigate tax exemptions in the Madeira Free Trade ZoneThe European Commission has initiated an in-depth investigation into tax exemptions granted by Portuguese authorities to companies operating in the Madeira Free Trade Zone. The EU Commission has questions as...Read more
Self-employed workers see improvements in entitlementsRecent changes in legislation broaden social protection benefits for sole traders in the eventualities of illness, unemployment and parenthood. The waiting period for subsidised medical leave reduces from 30 to...Read more
Paperless invoicesAmong a group of eight Simplex+2018 measures, the Government proposes to introduce changes in the way proper receipts are issued. The authorities have committed to regulating the elimination of printed...Read more
Left Block calls for elimination of Golden VisasThe coalition partner, Left Block (“Bloco Esquerda”), will soon propose to the General Assembly to do away with the Golden Visa Programme. They consider the immigration shortcut to be a...Read more
Golden Visas buy entry into the EU for foreign magnatesBrazilian entrepreneurs tainted by the corruption scandal, “Lava-Jato”, along with relatives of a prominent Angolan politician, accused of crooked operations, successfully "bought" access into Europe through the Portuguese Golden Visa...Read more

The Finnish Parliament has approved the termination of the tax treaty between Finland and Portugal which prevented Finnish tax authorities from assessing pensioners who have non-habitual residence (NHR) status in Portugal. Finnish tax subcommittee chairman, Esko Kiviranta, still expects the two countries to ratify a new agreement by 1 January 2019. "In this way, we will avoid a situation where there is no tax treaty between Finland and Portugal. This is still possible if Portugal finalises the approval process and notifies Finland by 1 December 2018.”

According to Chairman Esko Kiviranta, the impact of the end of the agreement on pension revenues is expected to be between three and six million euros per year based on the 2016 data. In 2017, 500 Finnish pensioners benefitted from the zero tax rate on their retirement benefits under NHR.