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Renewable energy exceeds national consumption in March    Considered an historical landmark, renewable electricity production (103%) in March exceeded the total demand for the month in mainland Portugal. The previous maximum record (99.2%) occurred in February 2014.Read more
“IRS 2017” reporting underwayFive million households have two months ending 31 May to submit their “IRS” income tax return for 2017. The reporting period began on 01 April with more than 260,000 taxpayers...Read more
Paying taxes by direct debitIt is now possible to pay many of your taxes via direct debit. The levies currently available by this payment method are “IUC” (car tax), “IMI” (property tax), “IRS” (individual...Read more
Portuguese Revenue to send passwords to those still filing on paperThe “AT” (Tax Authority) plans to send access passwords by 31 March to those who reported their individual income tax return on paper last year. These taxpayers will receive notice...Read more
Married partners can renounce inheritance in favour of their childrenThe Socialist Party has proposed a bill that would allow partners to enter into a second marriage without becoming heirs to one another. Currently, the two spouses in a couple...Read more
Only one in four Portuguese choose to rentEven though the cost of housing keeps going up, home acquisition continues to be the favourite option in Portugal. With interest rates low and credit easing up again, looking for...Read more
Uniplaces has generated 100 million in revenues since 2012Uniplaces, launched in 2012 as an online platform for university student housing, has generated €100 million in rents for landlords from six European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and...Read more
Urban renewal with new tax breaksUpon approval within the framework of urban renovation, property owners can benefit from the following tax incentives: Long-term rental income assessed at 5%; “IMI” exemption for 5 years; “IMT” exemption for the acquisition...Read more
EuroFINESCO in Birmingham EuroFINESCO will be present                      at the      Overseas Property Show              in Birmingham        on January...Read more

The Finnish Government proposes that the bilateral tax treaty with Portugal, dating from 1970, should be terminated by the end of the year, waiting for a new agreement in 2019. At issue is the dissatisfaction with Portuguese Non-Habitual Residency regime which has led many Finnish pensioners to "flee" to Portugal seeking exemption from taxation. Finnish Finance Minister Petteri Orpo stated that "the tax treaty is not fair". In 2016, Portugal and Finland agreed to update the treaty but, 18 months later, no changes have occurred.