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EuroFINESCO in Birmingham EuroFINESCO will be present                      at the      Overseas Property Show              in Birmingham        on January...Read more
25,000 foreigners become Portuguese annuallyBetween 2008 and 2016, more than 220,000 foreign nations chose to become Portuguese citizens. Brazilians submitted the most requests. In 2016, Portugal granted nationality to 29,351 foreigners, a record since...Read more
2018 “IRS” submissions only via InternetFollowing the previous introduction of the “Automatic IRS” which prefills personal income tax submissions for millions of Portuguese taxpayers, other 2018 IRS declarations must only be declared electronically via the...Read more
“Automatic IRS filing” to reach three million households by 2018The Council of Ministers approved “Automatic IRS” for households with dependents, thus extending the measure to three million households next year. In 2017, “Automatic IRS filing” covered taxpayers with no...Read more
Bitcoin profits do not pay taxCapital Gains from the sale of Bitcoins or other digital currencies are not taxed in Portugal, according to the Ministry of Finance. Taxation of capital gains only occurs when, by...Read more
Education vouchers eliminatedIn 2018, education vouchers become fully subject to “IRS” assessment. Previously, these vouchers, allocated to dependents for the payment of schools and other education services and expenses, were eligible for...Read more
“IRS” to decrease in 2018The State Budget for 2018 brings a new “IRS” table. Instead of the five tax bands, there are now seven. This means that taxpayers who gross annually under €45,500 will...Read more
Bank transfers to be immediate and free in EuropeBeginning 21 November 2017, it will be possible to carry out a money transfer between European destinations without incurring charges in just 10 seconds. Initially, only nine countries will benefit...Read more
AIMI yielded less than half of anticipated revenueIntroduced in 2017, the Additional Municipal Property Tax (AIMI) produced less than 40% of the expected tax receipts as forecasted by the Ministry of Finance. Instead of the €130,000,000 as...Read more

The average cost per square metre for construction has been determined to be is €482.40 in 2018. This is the value to be used when calculating the area coefficient as part of the annual assessment of “IMI” (Municipal Property Tax).