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Latest News

Social Security deductions unchanged until 2019Freelancers will keep their current level of Social Security deductions until the end of 2018. In the past, October has served as the basis for updating sole traders’ contributions for...Read more
The "Dark Side" of Golden VisasThe Global Anti-Corruption Consortium recently presented a report revealing important data on the obscure world of Golden Visas. Four EU countries sell citizenship, twelve offer permanent residency permits. Golden Visas...Read more
Sole traders: Via CTT remains mandatory, but no finesAfter catching tens of thousands of freelancers in June who failed to adhere to CTT electronic notices, Finanças plans to eliminate the penalties. Those not on the system will now...Read more
Budget 2019 - Reduced tax regime for former residentsReturning ex-residents will benefit from a 50% exclusion on earnings from salaried employment (Category A) and business and professional income (Category B). Only half of the income will be taxed...Read more
One-year minimum for rental contractsThe legislature voted in favour of the PS proposal mandating that the minimum term of lease contracts should be 12 months. The minimum time period does not apply to contracts...Read more
Golden Visas: Most foreign investment falls while Turkish more than doublesChinese investment in Golden Visas fell by 24% between January and August year-on-year to €194.3 million. During the same period, Turkish investments more than doubled to €69.4 million. Brazilians accounted...Read more
Portugal and Angola sign Double Taxation AgreementThe two countries finally do away with double assessment of income. The act fulfils a long requested measure, signalling a normalisation of the strained relations between the two governments.Read more
Non-Habitual Residency under fireEstimates surpass a total of 27,000 foreign taxpayers in Portugal currently enrolled in the NHR programme. The latest developments come from Sweden, looking to broach negotiations of its tax treaty...Read more
Non-Habitual Resident migrants nearly doubleImproved conditions and generous tax breaks have attracted more foreigners to Portugal in the last year and a half. The increase in the number of Non-Habitual Residents was 83% over...Read more