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1. Wo stehen Sie in finanzieller Hinsicht?

2. Was möchten Sie erreichen, und wie kommen Sie dorthin?


Wir helfen Ihnen mit einem umfassenden Konzept der Finanzplanung und bieten eine fundierte Beratung für jede finanzielle Lage, sei es in Bezug auf die Einkommensteuer, den Ruhestand, eine solide Nachlassplanung oder Ihre Investitionen.

Wir sind stolz auf unsere Unabhängigkeit und legen großen Wert auf unparteiische Empfehlungen und persönlichen Service. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache!

Latest News

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The principal changes to the 2020 State Budget As part of the 2020 State Budget (OE2020) there will be a fresh capital injection of €180 million to the National Healthcare Service which is intended to strengthen healthcare, particularly...Read more
Tax exemptions for non-habitual residents amount to €548 million in 2018The value of tax benefits to non-habitual residents keeps growing according to the “Tribunal de Contas” (National Audit Office). In 2018, there were €548 million in NHR exemptions granted to...Read more
Portuguese nationality: more naturalisations than birthsIn 2018, births in Portugal stood at 87,000 while citizenship concessions rose to nearly 128,000. To date, 2019 statistics continue to reflect the same proportion: net growth in Portuguese citizenship...Read more
Golden Visa investments fall againIn November of 2019, total investments from Residence Permits for Investment Activities (ARI) tallied €37 million, a decrease of 52% over the same month of 2018 (€77.1 million). Comparing to...Read more
State Budget 2020 - Incentives for leaving local lodging The Government is studying incentives for migrating short-term local lodging to affordable long-term leases. It is not yet known how the Government plans to accomplish this objective. It may become...Read more
Golden Visas: Portugal has Europe's second most attractive regimeOnly Greece and Latvia have more advantageous Golden Visa schemes than Portugal, requiring an investment of just €250,000 for foreigners wishing to settle in their territories. Portugal has maintained the...Read more
Local Lodging falls sharply nationwideLocal Lodging is on the decline across the country with new registrations dropping by 43% when compared to the same period last year. According to data from the Local Lodging...Read more

On this occasion there is a significant difference in light of the present situation regarding Covid-19 virus (Corona virus).  At Eurofinesco we continue to monitor World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and our current position for the present and immediate days ahead is to ask that all potential visitors reconsider coming into our offices.  For our resident IRS clients, such as you, we ask for the time being you do not come to our offices.

If the purpose of your visit/meeting is to hand over documents, we would like to strongly recommend that you either scan and email, or post the relevant documents, rather than delivering them in person. 

If you are needing to have a discussion/meeting, we can offer telephone appointments or remote video services, such as Skype, for example.  We have all of these facilities which have been established using the latest technologies.

Please do not hesitate to let us know your preference, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Aside from national news sources, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with relevant information and guidelines on how our national and local communities are dealing with rationale communications from our government and public services, which should be used as modus operandi for all of us. 

You will find below two informative web links from Safe Communities Portugal (SCP), a non-profit and public utility association, who have numerous protocols with the government and emergency services designed for national and international communities with links to Portugal, updated on regular basis:

Finally, we expect that the volume of calls into the office and by email are likely to increase exponentially and, as such, you may experience some delays.  Please be mindful of this should you experience any delays in receiving any immediate feedback or response.  If you have not received a timely response within a reasonable amount of time, please call reception on +351 289 561 333.

Thank you for your comprehension!