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Wir helfen Ihnen mit einem umfassenden Konzept der Finanzplanung und bieten eine fundierte Beratung für jede finanzielle Lage, sei es in Bezug auf die Einkommensteuer, den Ruhestand, eine solide Nachlassplanung oder Ihre Investitionen.

Wir sind stolz auf unsere Unabhängigkeit und legen großen Wert auf unparteiische Empfehlungen und persönlichen Service. Wir sprechen Ihre Sprache!

Latest News

Left Block calls for elimination of Golden VisasThe coalition partner, Left Block (“Bloco Esquerda”), will soon propose to the General Assembly to do away with the Golden Visa Programme. They consider the immigration shortcut to be a...Read more
Self-employed workers see improvements in entitlementsRecent changes in legislation broaden social protection benefits for sole traders in the eventualities of illness, unemployment and parenthood. The waiting period for subsidised medical leave reduces from 30 to...Read more
Golden Visas buy entry into the EU for foreign magnatesBrazilian entrepreneurs tainted by the corruption scandal, “Lava-Jato”, along with relatives of a prominent Angolan politician, accused of crooked operations, successfully "bought" access into Europe through the Portuguese Golden Visa...Read more
Exemption from “IMT” in Tourist DevelopmentsIn theory, even though a tourist endeavour (“empreendimento turístico”) may be exempt from Municipal Property Transfer Tax (“IMT”), the benefit is rarely realised. This is due to the fact that...Read more
Finland tears up Double Tax Convention with PortugalThe Finnish Parliament has approved the termination of the tax treaty between Finland and Portugal which prevented Finnish tax authorities from assessing pensioners who have non-habitual residence (NHR) status in...Read more
Investors propose lowering of IRS on 5-year rental contractsWorried and even frightened by suggested new policies that the Government is creating for the rental market, APPII recommends dropping the “IRS” tax rate on 5-year contracts, rather than 10...Read more
Finland and Spain approve new Double Taxation AgreementFinland and Spain have signed a new tax treaty which will broaden the Finnish Government's right to levy pension income. The new accord comes into effect on 01 January 2019...Read more
Renewable energy exceeds national consumption in March    Considered an historical landmark, renewable electricity production (103%) in March exceeded the total demand for the month in mainland Portugal. The previous maximum record (99.2%) occurred in February 2014.Read more
Paying taxes by direct debitIt is now possible to pay many of your taxes via direct debit. The levies currently available by this payment method are “IUC” (car tax), “IMI” (property tax), “IRS” (individual...Read more