The Finesco Group was established in 1982 with Finesco (Far East) Ltd opening in the UK to attend to the diverse financial and fiscal requirements of the British Expartriate community. Areas of operation included Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Brunei. The company’s administration centred from offices in the UK, Brunei and the prestigious Orchard Road area, in the heart of Singapore’s business district. In 1991, euroFINESCO headquarters opened in the Algarve to expand our extensive knowledge, experience and service to Portugal.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide clients with superior services so that our clients succeed in their aims.
We listen to our clients, keeping them at the centre of our thinking.
We stand by our clients.
We put our clients first, focusing on delivering the right solutions for them, their families and business.


Our Values


We act with discretion, integrity, honesty, transparency, and respect in all our undertakings to ensure and maintain the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. We put our clients first, focusing on delivering the right solutions for them, their families and businesses.


Our Team


Teamwork, Expertise, Attitude, Innovative

  • We act professionally but with personality.
  • Collaborative and supportive.
  • Confident and assured.
  • Positive and enthusiastic.
  • Inventive and forward thinking.

Our Consultants


Sónia Santos
Sole Trader Adviser

Suzi Palma
IRS Adviser

Teresa Vilela
IRS Adviser

General Enquiries


For general enquiries by email, route your message to info@eurofinesco.com

What our clients say


“I enjoyed near 20 years of excellent service from Eurofinesco and looking forward to many more years of top class financial service and and reliable accounting.”

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“Thank you again for your prompt and courteous assistance.”

Not only were they friendly but they were able to provide me with the information I required in a professional and timely fashion.

“An excellent site to begin placing yourself into Portugal.”

“Priceless when you need to steer a course through the bureaucracy of Portugal.”

“This information has been fantastic, exactly what we have been looking for.”

“One of the most useful sites on the web for Fiscal information in Portugal.”

“I am beginning to have customers and realize how important and reassuring it is to be dealt with efficiently and to have follow ups. It makes the difference.”

“Many thanks for your continued, professional and friendly approach to all matters, I have passed through your hands!.”

“We would just like to say thank you for your kindness you showed us on our recent visit to your office and the kindness of yourself and your staff it made us feel a lot easier about a difficult issue.”