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At euroFINESCO, we help clients analyse where they stand financially, where they want to go and how they can get there. We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning,  advising on all areas of a person's financial life: income tax, retirement, estate planning, investment management and insurance needs.

We take pride in our independence, placing great emphasis on impartial recommendations and personal service

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Proposed Local Finance Law provides for repeal of "IMT" in January 2016 The Government will end Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT) in January 2016, tax paid when buying a home. In their memorandum, the 'troika' had... Read more
Fines for unauthorised Local Lodging The penalty for letting furnished accommodations to tourists without a license (registration with your local Council) is as follows: for... Read more
Who is exempt from filing an IRS tax declaration? Article 58º of the IRS tax code allows for only three reporting exemptions: 1)Final withholding tax at source (such as bank interest or... Read more
Tax Inspectors investigate Owners with more than a house Finanças is closing in on real estate scrutinies. Inspectors are contacting directly those who have homes to rent.  By cross-checking data... Read more
Web sites promoting unauthorised holiday lets are also subject to fines According to the “Jornal de Negócios”, aside from "supply and availability", also the "advertising and brokering" of illegal accommodations is... Read more
Taxman in pursuit of tourist lets The Government is preparing to establish a new National Local Lodging Registry (RNAL) consisting of all properties engaged in short-term holiday... Read more
Living Wills possible as of July 2014 Living Wills possible as of July 2014 While legislation created in 2012 the theoretical possibility of a Living Will (instructions to our... Read more
Foreign Property Investments double 2013 levels In the first 6 months, real estate investments by international groups and individuals have reached 400 million Euros. This should bring property... Read more
Foreign driving licenses Foreign residents have to register their driving licenses from home in the Transportation Authority within 60 days. Now here is an additional... Read more
Frequent Police Patrols when you are away If you will be leaving your home unattended during the summer holiday season, you can request frequent inspection rounds by local police. You can... Read more
Budget 2015 - General Expenses In 2015, taxpayers may submit invoices for each member of the household for any type of expenditure, qualifying for a tax deduction of up to €300... Read more
Budget 2015 - Education Expenses With the collaboration of the employer, those who have student dependents may benefit from social education vouchers, similar to what already... Read more
Budget 2015 - Family Coefficient Family Coefficient can reduce IRS by €2,000 €2,000 will be the new maximum limit and will be for families with dependents and higher income.... Read more
Plastic Bags to cost 10 cents in 2015   Plastic bags will cost 10 cents, including VAT, from next year, reported Environment Minister, Jorge Moreira da Silva. The goal is to... Read more
Budget 2015 - Medical Expenses   Most tax deductions have been eliminated or replaced in 2015. The only deductions remaining are for healthcare spending: 15% up to a... Read more
Government back-peddles on IRS Reform The government has abandoned many of the proposed IRS reforms to the 2015 Budget in hopes of achieving a consensus with the opposition Socialist... Read more
Portugal lags in Urban Renewal in the EU Despite noticeable growth in recent years, the rehabilitation of aging urban centres accounts for just 7% of construction and public works in... Read more
Ryan Air opens routes to the Azores The 'low cost' company announced that, starting in April, it will link Ponta Delgada to London, Lisbon and Porto, projecting 350,000 customers a... Read more
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