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Issuing of electronic rental receipts takes off   The fight against illegal rentals and tax evasion has led to a significant increase in the registration of lease contracts. In April alone,... Read more
IRS statistics Since 2013, the effective IRS tax rate has increased from 10.1% to 12.9%, an increase of almost 22%. Statistics published by Finanças show that 10%... Read more
IRS in 2016: Joint or separate returns? In 2016, couples can settle their accounts with the tax authorities separately or in a joint declaration. This second option, mandatory until now,... Read more
Late payment interest rates lowered in 2016 The Government lowered punitive interest rates for taxes in arrears applicable to debts to the public sector for the fifth consecutive year,... Read more
IRS 2015: declaring deductible expenses A new decree law has been published (08/02/2015) allowing the possibility to report deductible IRS expenses as in the past. These include outlays... Read more
specific “IRS” debts payable in instalments The 2016 Budget permits “IRS” debts under €5,000 to be paid in instalments without collateral, doubling the previous limit. The number of... Read more
Government maintains “IMT” Scheduled for extinction in 2017 by the previous government, the Municipal Property Transfer Tax (“IMT”) will be maintained according to the 2016... Read more
Enhanced tax credit for Health Insurance for IRS 2015 15% of Health Insurance premiums is eligible when added together with general medical expenses. The combined maximum tax credit limit for both... Read more
Lucky Invoice Lottery to award Treasury Bills  Instead of cars, the Lucky Invoice Lottery will now assign Treasury Certificates to the winners with a value equal to the amount set in the... Read more
Foreign expenses for IRS once again deductible Spending on health, education and training, costs of real estate and homes outside the EU or EEA are once again admissible. Foreign expenditures... Read more
Proof for Cohabiting Couples In the past, a common registered address with Finanças for at least 2 years has been required to achieve the status of “união de facto”. As of... Read more
Non-Habitual Residence attracts foreigners to Portugal Since 2009, 5,653 foreigners have been granted Non-Habitual Resident status (NHR), entitling them to exemption from most forms of “IRS” or to pay a... Read more
AT to streamline Non-Habitual Residence applications Finanças is preparing a new feature for those applying for Non-Habitual Residence.  According to the Diário de Noticias, applications ... Read more
Long-term Rentals and VAT According to AT, in the case of the lease of a property without furniture or fixtures (“bare walls”), VAT exemption applies. However, the rental is... Read more
Tax liens on a principal residence abolished   The parliament approved an amendment to the law to prevent the sale of a principal residence when collecting overdue taxes (“penhoras”).... Read more
Transfers to Offshores Between 2010 and 2014, companies and individuals transferred more than €10 billion from Portugal to offshore tax havens. According to “O Público”,... Read more
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