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At euroFINESCO, we help clients analyse where they stand financially, where they want to go and how they can get there. We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning,  advising on all areas of a person's financial life: income tax, retirement, estate planning, investment management and insurance needs.

We take pride in our independence, placing great emphasis on impartial recommendations and personal service

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Fines for unauthorised Local Lodging The penalty for letting furnished accommodations to tourists without a license (registration with your local Council) is as follows: for... Read more
Tax Inspectors investigate Owners with more than a house Finanças is closing in on real estate scrutinies. Inspectors are contacting directly those who have homes to rent.  By cross-checking data... Read more
Web sites promoting unauthorised holiday lets are also subject to fines According to the “Jornal de Negócios”, aside from "supply and availability", also the "advertising and brokering" of illegal accommodations is... Read more
Plastic Bags to cost 10 cents in 2015   Plastic bags will cost 10 cents, including VAT, from next year, reported Environment Minister, Jorge Moreira da Silva. The goal is to... Read more
New carbon tax increases in fuel prices and energy The introduction of a carbon tax to sectors not already covered by the European Emissions Trading Scheme, such as energy and industrial processes,... Read more
Tax Number required for Deductions in 2015 Under the new Budget rules, Tax and Customs Authority (AT) officials alert that, as of January 2015, only invoices that include an individual’s tax... Read more
Foreign driving licenses Upon obtaining Portuguese residency you are given 60 days to legalise your driving licence with the Portuguese authorities. This can take the form... Read more
Capital Improvements valid for 12 years Beginning in 2015, documented capital improvements made in the 12 years prior to sale of real estate can be used to offset immoveable capital... Read more
Crackdown on undeclared rental income   Under a plan to clamp down on illegal renting, water, electricity and gas companies will be required to report to Finanças consumption by... Read more
Partial Fiscal Residence Until now, Portuguese legislation did not contemplate the possibility of a split tax year. Starting in 2015, residence status is defined from day... Read more
Spouses may have autonomous residence The 2015 Budget introduces the elimination of the rule relating to tax residence in Portugal as a result of the residence status of the spouse.... Read more
Tax Authorities to review workers’ family data with “a fine toothed comb” Finanças has warned 400,000 companies that they will do a strict control of IRS withholdings for every worker, asking to confirm the number of... Read more
Finanças to pay interest automatically The Portuguese Tax Authority is developing a programme to pay interest automatically to tax payers when it loses court cases. Currently, there are... Read more
Long Term Rent – tax benefits While housing tax breaks for mortgage interest have been gradually disappearing in recent years, credits for tenant-declared rent remain... Read more
Electronic Rent Receipts delayed Electronic rent receipts became available on 01 May but their use will only become compulsory after October 2015. The law admits two eventual... Read more
Issuing of electronic rental receipts takes off   The fight against illegal rentals and tax evasion has led to a significant increase in the registration of lease contracts. In April alone,... Read more
Update in Local Lodging Legislation   Decree-Law nº63/2015 of 23 April clarifies certain details in the application process.The new legislation defines the documentation... Read more
Tax authorities to cross utility bills to catch undeclared rental income Utility providers for electricity, water, gas and telephone are now required to identify customer contracts as well as the Property owners’... Read more
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