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Tax Inspectors investigate Owners with more than a house Finanças is closing in on real estate scrutinies. Inspectors are contacting directly those who have homes to rent.  By cross-checking data... Read more
Web sites promoting unauthorised holiday lets are also subject to fines According to the “Jornal de Negócios”, aside from "supply and availability", also the "advertising and brokering" of illegal accommodations is... Read more
Foreign driving licenses Upon obtaining Portuguese residency you are given 60 days to legalise your driving licence with the Portuguese authorities. This can take the form... Read more
Capital Improvements valid for 12 years Beginning in 2015, documented capital improvements made in the 12 years prior to sale of real estate can be used to offset immoveable capital... Read more
Partial Fiscal Residence Until now, Portuguese legislation did not contemplate the possibility of a split tax year. Starting in 2015, residence status is defined from day... Read more
Long Term Rent – tax benefits While housing tax breaks for mortgage interest have been gradually disappearing in recent years, credits for tenant-declared rent remain... Read more
Issuing of electronic rental receipts takes off   The fight against illegal rentals and tax evasion has led to a significant increase in the registration of lease contracts. In April alone,... Read more
Tax authorities to cross utility bills to catch undeclared rental income Utility providers for electricity, water, gas and telephone are now required to identify customer contracts as well as the Property owners’... Read more
Applications for Portuguese Nationality on the rise SEF reported that they received 32,349 applications for Portuguese nationality in 2014. This is an increase of 7.4% compared with 2013. Of these,... Read more
IMT will not be abolished in 2016 The IMT (Municipal Property Transfer Tax) will continue through 2016. The gradual wind down is now only scheduled to begin in 2017. For municipal... Read more
Portugal suffers severe population decline There are only four countries in the world with greater population loss than Portugal in 2014 in relative terms. Low fertility, an aging population... Read more
EU educational costs deductible in 2015   The cost of education and training taking place within the EU is deductible. Taxpayers can communicate these education expenses through the... Read more
Limit on Deductions for Education Expenses in 2015 The limits of educational deductions have changed. Under the IRS Reform, the values have increased overall: 30% of education expenses up to a... Read more
Many education expenses no longer accepted this year Only disbursements exempt from VAT or with a reduced VAT rate qualify for a tax credit as education expenses as of 2015. Since most school supply... Read more
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