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Permanent Residency in the UK now requires an 85 page form To register as a permanent resident of the United Kingdom now demands an 85-page form, presenting a history of water, gas and electricity bills as... Read more
FT report denounces confusion in the Portuguese long-term rental market The gradual end of rent control is still creating market distortions according to a comprehensive report recently published in the Financial Times.... Read more
Sole Traders: late payments to Social Security As of February 2017, Sole Traders who are late in their Social Security (SS) contributions will receive notifications with a minimum fine of €50.... Read more
Paying taxes via direct debit soon to be a reality Finanças is studying a solution that will allow taxpayers to pay their taxes by direct debit with a simple payment order where they bank. Foreseen... Read more
Nationality and effective links to the Portuguese Community One of the requirements for acquiring Portuguese citizenship is demonstrating effective links to the Portuguese Community. These connections are... Read more
Coercive assessments estimated to reach €1,100 million in 2017 Coercive assessments should allow the treasury to collect 1,100 million euros throughout fiscal year 2017. To reach this goal, the “AT” (Tax and... Read more
Importing a 100% Electric Vehicle When bringing an electrical vehicle from another EU state to Portugal, there is no assessment on the process. Nevertheless, one must still exchange... Read more
3rd revision of ‘Golden Visas’ targets small and medium company investment The government has modified the criteria for granting 'Golden Visas', reducing the required outlay to €350,000 from €500,000 to be invested in... Read more
EU banks attracted by Portuguese real estate boom With a flourishing market and higher spreads, European banks – including German and Dutch – are probing real estate developers in Portugal,... Read more
Malta Papers: who is using Malta to pay the lowest taxes in Europe The European Consortium for Investigative Journalism has obtained hundreds of thousands of documents identifying owners of more than 50,000 Maltese... Read more
SEF to speed up concession of Golden Visas The Government plans to create a priority process within “SEF” (Immigration and Borders Service) to accelerate the granting of Golden Visas.... Read more
Golden Visa update Between October 2012 and May 2017, the total investments raised by the Investment Activity Residency programme reached € 3.1 billion. Of this... Read more
Rent control frozen for another eight years Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa signed into law legislation extending for another eight years the freezing of rents for low-income... Read more
EU unveils plans for pan-European personal pensions The European Commission is developing a pan-European Pension Product (PEPP): a simple and cost-effective retirement plan which will be portable... Read more
Golden Visa applications have fallen sharply In May of 2017, only 81 requests were recorded for Golden Visas. Potential candidates complained of excessive delays in processing paperwork as... Read more
Government considering tax initiatives for long-term lets To promote the languishing traditional letting, the Government is studying fiscal incentives for landlords who choose to enter into up to 10 year... Read more
IMI to be payable in one instalment in 2018 There are currently 1.6 million homeowners who pay their municipal property tax (IMI) in two or three instalments, waiting until the months of July... Read more
Portuguese Nationality Law amended The Portuguese Nationality Law has been revised to simplify the implementation procedures. The main amendments to the statutes are: opening... Read more


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