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Late payment interest rates lowered in 2016 The Government lowered punitive interest rates for taxes in arrears applicable to debts to the public sector for the fifth consecutive year,... Read more
specific “IRS” debts payable in instalments The 2016 Budget permits “IRS” debts under €5,000 to be paid in instalments without collateral, doubling the previous limit. The number of... Read more
Government maintains “IMT” Scheduled for extinction in 2017 by the previous government, the Municipal Property Transfer Tax (“IMT”) will be maintained according to the 2016... Read more
Lucky Invoice Lottery to award Treasury Bills  Instead of cars, the Lucky Invoice Lottery will now assign Treasury Certificates to the winners with a value equal to the amount set in the... Read more
Foreign expenses for IRS once again deductible Spending on health, education and training, costs of real estate and homes outside the EU or EEA are once again admissible. Foreign expenditures... Read more
AT to streamline Non-Habitual Residence applications Finanças is preparing a new feature for those applying for Non-Habitual Residence.  According to the Diário de Noticias, applications ... Read more
Long-term Rentals and VAT According to AT, in the case of the lease of a property without furniture or fixtures (“bare walls”), VAT exemption applies. However, the rental is... Read more
Tax liens on a principal residence abolished The parliament approved an amendment to the law to prevent the sale of a principal residence when collecting overdue taxes (“penhoras”). The... Read more
Electronic Registration for the Non-Habitual Residents The Portuguese Tax Authority has introduced a simplified online registration system for the Non-Habitual Resident Regime available through the AT... Read more
Foreign investors lead property investment in Central Lisbon The historic centre of Lisbon increasingly captures the attention of international investors. Attracted by the Non-Habitual Residents regime and... Read more
Portuguese tax on Car Imports declared illegal The EU Court of Justice ruled that the import tax on used vehicles applied in Portugal violates EU rules on free movement of goods. Following this... Read more
Owners in historical districts to pay “IMI” Amongst confusion in the interpretation of the law governing the collection of property tax in UNESCO classified world heritage areas, the Minister... Read more
Criminal record now available online Citizens can now request their criminal record online. This is one of the essential documents for foreigners who are seeking Portuguese... Read more
Cohabiting couples no longer require the same fiscal address Couples who live together no longer need to prove the same tax address for tax authorities to recognize their cohabitation. Finanças now accepts... Read more
Municipalities can request IMI re-evaluations Another change in IMI evaluations comes with the possibility of municipalities to solicit a re-evaluation for IMI purposes.  This procedure... Read more
IMI elements altered The view as well as the solar exposure now have more weight in the formula that calculates the property value and the IMI (property rates) to pay.... Read more
CRS moves ahead For tax residents in Portugal with investments abroad, foreign tax authorities will gather information on balances and interest of all financial... Read more
France and Portugal update Double Tax Treaty France and Portugal have agreed to alter the bilateral tax treaty between the two countries.  The changes reflect the OECD recommendations... Read more
Financial information exchange passed into law The Portuguese government has transposed the European Directive DAC2, which provides an automatic mechanism for access and exchange of financial... Read more
New tax on luxury properties As part of the 2017 Budget proposals, those owning real estate with a rateable value over €500,000 will have an additional tax to pay.  The... Read more
Second “IMI” evaluations A second “IMI” (Municipal Property Tax) evaluation may be requested either by the property owner or by municipal authorities when there is... Read more
Sole Traders: Social Security deductions based on net income Under the Simplified Regime, Social Security deductions are to be based on net taxable income after application of the appropriate coefficient, not... Read more
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